Tuesday, August 25

A Couple of Updates

Well GenCon is finally over. Blast of a time. Now I can get back to what I need to focus on, the water issues. GenCon was an unfortunate and unexpected distraction. No, not that actual game play itself.

I had intentions of playing in a 750 SR 4.0 tournament on Fri, with Hardcore on Sat. After receiving my tickets in the mail, I came across a Masters ticket and said, "Oh, well, what the heck, I'll mess around." A few weeks prior to GenCon, some gaming buddies and I sat down and joked around about lists, where hence came my Minion Army of Doom for 500 points. It was a joke and I ran with it. And succeeded for Day 1 of Masters, which messed up my intentions. I could drop, but that would create a wrinkle for the judges.

So I passed on the SR 4.0, unfortunate really.

Anyway, focus is now on complete the Water Agenda (as I've come to name this army). I'm finishing up the Trenchers as we speak. Based on my schedule in October, I don't think I'm going to make it out to any Breast Cancer Brawls. Another unfortunate setback. And with Mk II coming out, I have to figure out who I want to pick up next. The lull might mean me picking up a small army to start working on (aka unit) but I'll have to see what Mk II themes are released.

Some other news.

Zimbabwe may be facing another Cholera outbreak. I know I'm not surprised. Dilapidated infrastructure yields many issues, one of which is improper sewage and drinking water. Years of mismanagement has held this country back on the humanitarian front.

More to post soon. I have something up my sleeve for what appears will be my lackluster showing for Breast Cancer Brawl this October.