Tuesday, March 22

What to paint next...

Poll is nearly done, but I'm sitting on some spare time today and tomorrow. It's too humid to prime (although I can use gesso). I have Steelheads in the works and I should work on some ATGMs or at least wrap up that Vanguard.

Lack of motivation is killer. That and the fact that I have no idea how this poll is going to end. 23 hours left folks and it still is neck and neck, with Cryx paving the way.

Gah, I might have to throw in an order for two Scavengers now.

Monday, March 21

Quick little league updates

Well, the Gunslinger Growth League ended on this past Saturday, 3/19. The awards went to:
Ben Johnston - Conqueror and League Winner (52 pts!)
Dale - Master Painter. The only player to have 100% painted, and his first in seven years of playing.

Unfortunately no one wins General, since only Ben J. got one scenario win. Pyrrhic victory on my part I believe, since I did get my player base to try scenarios actually!

And look, Mercs are beating Cryx in the polls. Two days left of voting.

Friday, March 18

Update on NZ Quake Dice

Just a quick update on the NZ Christchurch Quake Dice, from PG_Izza:

Well the response to my Quake Dice idea has been amazing! The first batch of 100 sets has sold out, and they havent even arrived yet! I will be ordering another 100 sets, and maybe even more if there is demand.
What does that mean for you, the gamer? It's a limited run so contact Izza fast to help out!

Thursday, March 17

Well, Now I'm Confounded - Mercs or Cryx

So the worst thing someone well meshed in this game can do is read the Cryx Privateer Press forums. It is nearly as bad as others, but for all its merits, the amount of whining that occurs and model bashing is atrocious. And for me, it challenges me to find uses for models people disdain. Merc forums - almost never a problem! Probably just the poor Talon.

So this leads up to the leaked information on the Scavenger. A lot of naysayers (even without testing the model). However, because of the usual naysayers, I have every intention in making this model work and I have been thinking for a few nights now how to.

Q&A Session II

Another Q&A time. I might have to move away from Blogger.com because it does not allow replies to comments (just more comments...).

Are you painting up new models for the league or are you using your existing Merc collection?

Monday, March 14

3 Posts in a Day? - NZ Quake Charity Dice

This is from PG_Izza on the WM/H forums:

This seems kinda lame now after the tsunami in Japan, but its something I've been working on for a couple of weeks...

As you may know, Christchurch, New Zealand was hit by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake on 22nd Feb, causing substantial damage and some loss of life.
I live 2 hours drive away, but for 8 years Christchurch was home. My wife is from Christchurch, all her family live there and we have alot of friends who also live there.
Christchurch is where I started my interest in wargaming, and is very close to my heart.

NJ Civil War- Southern Theater

Q&A time. Michael posted this question back on my thoughts about Epic Morghoul.
What are you brining to Jersey in two weeks? Any plans yet?

Week 3 Growth League - 35 Points Epic Magnus

We just wrapped up Week 3 with 35 points and I got to play a couple of games. Before you ask, Week 2 was a 25 pt Death Race tournament using league lists. As TO, I did not get to play, but I built my list should anyone else have a bye.