Friday, May 29

NJ Con and all those Idrians

Well, it's close to that time (2 weeks) and I have a lot to finish painting. At the heart of it, I should have both Warcasters wrapped up and painted. I'm going to have to use my eBay version of Croe's to help out, as well as Gorman. Kell is finished, but I need to fix his eyes.

Anyway, it looks like I have a pretty solid list. Croe's took on a Warpwolf all by themselves and a Pureblood. Idrian's wiped Typhon off the board, but what can't Idrians wipe off? I'll have to figure out a Traitor list, as I'd like to use both casters.

Nomads are almost finished too...just need to wrap up the gloss.

Anyway, both games highlighted why I feel Idrians are extremely overpowered. With the UA, they achieve feats that as a Cryx player, I'm not used to. It's fun being on the other side of the sword for once (read: Giving End), but it's just no fun when I wipe my opponents face into the board with just this unit. Thankfully, their armor is light, so template weapons can deviate and still kill them. If you know how to lure them out, more power to you.

I can't say from a Menoth perspective why the unit should be overpowered. From an Agenda perspective, the unit is probably the second main reason people pick up the contract - you get to play with Magnus and Idrians...and Trenchers?! Sign me up.

Arsenic & India

Solving India's Arsenic Problem

I'm a little puzzled how they intend to solve the water issue. At heart is are they re-routing part of the river or just simply shipping water over to these villages. It makes more sense to ship the water, but that comes at a cost and is vulnerable to disruption. In the long-run, I see this costing more...

However, it is a welcomed solution for lack of drinkable water in the region.

Wednesday, May 13

So this is wrong...

I read this article and immediately I thought that price scheming to conserve water destroys the fundamental human right for free and equitable access to water sources. By making it cost more, it implies it's a luxury so that only the wealthy can afford it. Now, in China, it's a lot of Rural vs Urban, but there are poorer Urban families as well.

I just don't like it.

Friday, May 1

Some Updates

Well, the army should be making it's debut at NJCon's 750 Pt SR4.0 Tournament. I actually can't think of a better way to reveal the army. Based on the lists, troops, and involvement, I'm going to be running the Agenda for all 500 and 750 pt tournaments, some exceptions aside.

Which means I'm focusing on him for Hardcore. I'm looking at a viable option of running Croe's, Trenchers, Idrians, Kell, Saxxon, & Orin. Croe is looking to be a better choice against Hordes, as I gain an additional die to poison against living models.

Thankfully, MK II is now over, so I can go back focusing on MK I stuff. And June marks when my fiancee is moving up and in with me, so my weekends should be freed up to travel the North East and start raising aware.