Sunday, January 8

Prepping for the Tournament

Sorry, pressganger duties have kept me out from participating in most events. However, back in November, I and Gunslinger Games welcomed Jared as our second pressganger. And boy was it badly needed.

When I became a PG back in January 2011, Gunslinger Games was home to about 5 to 8 gamers. I knew I could attract another three or four, for a solid community. However, starting in May 2011 the situation sort of spiraled out of my control. My average demo per month before then was two. May, I did ten demos, in June I started doing two to three demos a week (a week!) and this continued up into August. When I ran the two leagues in early October, I had a combined 30 player presence (max).

Now, that ebs and flows weekly. I can see anywhere from 8 to 20 people a week, so the spread is wide. However, the constant need to demo games, run events, and a work life that is increasing the amount of travel that is expected of me, leaves me with very little time for the home life and my wife. Jared was the saving grace and was able to take some of the load off my shoulders. 2012 is looking to be amazing!