Thursday, December 30

Further Hardcore List Discussion

I feel the need to further describe the list I'm planning to take for Templecon's Hardcore. This is also more of a way for me to identify weaknesses and how to tactically plan my kills.

The list that I will be trying tonight is:

Losing Steam

I'm losing steam over the Venators. I finished the main armor, now working on the gold trim. The armor/trim I have found to always be the hardest part for me. Not in terms of painting, but more akin to "I don't wanna do it". Part of the reason is I just noted that some of the primer spray paint gummed up in areas by the trim/armor. I want to avoid stripping paint, but I may have no choice on some. Hopefully I can hide it.

I'll gun for them to be done by Friday, instead of today as I had hoped.

I did base all the completed models though, so now everything that had been painted is absolutely complete except for sealing the models.

So goal for the weekend:
Finish Venators, including Catapult crew.
Since I brought up the topic of the spray paint gumming up, I figured I would discuss briefly priming models. I use several different kind of spray paints (not intentional), gesso, and paint.

Spray Paints
Testors Spray Paint - easy to find, sprays fairly well. I usually use their grey when I want a subdued tone - mostly for when I was painting Iyanden Eldar back in my WH: 40k days. It applies fairly evenly and clumps only in the worst of weather. Prices have risen, but Amazon shows $5.19 a can.

Armory Spray Paints - This is what I used after I stopped using Testor's (simply due to laziness). It's not cheap by any means, but I had been buying in bulk orders from the War Store, so I just threw in a couple of cans. Originally, the spray paint worked wonderfully. However, I have noticed now that most of the time the paint clumps at the slightest mention of humidity. Which is no good, since I live in Dallas now. As such, I have two or three cans left over, ready to be used, which I only use as emergency cans when I need it primed. Flow is choppy and it sprays more like flakes. War Store prices a can at $5.95 - I'm not sure what Miniature Market's prices are.

P3 Primers - I have only used the white and only one can, so my experience is limited. But I did want to note that I did get a fairly consistant flow and application was even. I like the nozzle - the nozzle actually makes a vertical spray instead of conical, which reduces the area of overspray. Additionally, if you line models up, you can get more in the spray area (two to three if you line them up vertically). It worked well for me. The only setback? Price per can is $9.99 ($7.99 on War Store). I did get to cover a lot of models, but at that price point I might switch over to air brushing.

Army Painter Base Primer - This spray paint is phenomenal. I have sprayed models in my garage with the door open when it was raining. The paint applies very evenly, although you do need to be aware of overspray. Additionally, it keeps the detail nearly pristine (again with overspray). I also find that I can spray more models with this paint - I have stretched a can to cover nearly 60 to 100 models without clumping or gumming. Drawback? Price and overspray issues. This primer is easier to overspray with and standard pricing comes in at $18.99 a can! $18.99! However, the War Store sells it at $8.99 now, $1 more than P3 Primer.

I have just jumped on board with the Gesso priming and I have two - Bob's and another brand. Gesso works wonderfully during the days that it's raining or I just have one or two models to prime. I typically use Bob's - the application was much better. However, I just had an experience where I lost a lot of detail. It's really easy to over-apply the stuff since you want to avoid pincushon effects. The other draw back is the amount of brushing that I have to perform, so I typically try not to do bulk batches. It's a little more tedious, but there's been plenty of times when I could not use spray paints.

I also use watered-down black paint from time to time. Usually it's in conjunciton with spray primers or gesso. It works well, but it's more tedious than gesso. Gesso is forgiving if you overapply a little - usually that's what you want to do. Paint is not and you lose a lot more detail. Because of this issue, I find that I have to brush more than gesso, which consumes probably ten more minutes.

I'll take pictures of the different primers and their effects.

Thursday, December 23

Well it's been months, so....

Due to personal life issues, including but not limited to, being married, moving half way across the United States, and several business trips & other guests coming to visit my wife and I, I have been mostly out of the loop. I was able to attend Gencon for a day (which I will never do again) and I was able to find several stores to play at with a thriving community. Perhaps the saddest scenario was when one of the stores, with a budding new Warmahordes community, closed down abruptly. There was also a tinge of burnout.

However, I now find myself suddenly traveling from Texas to RI for Templecon. This late in the game, most of the events are full so we will play by ear. However, most of the events do not interest me so I challenged myself to compete in the EXTREME HARDCORE. Which means I need to get off my ass and paint.

Having gravitated away from Cryx over the last year, I find myself with Mercenaries or Skorne. I'm sticking with Skorne and I'm looking to run this:
Xerxis T4
Min Paingivers
Max Cetrati
Min Arcuarii
Tyrant Commander
Max Reivers + UA
2x Flayer Cannon

I have a few points left over and I can toy around with adding a second unit of min Arcuarii & fill out the Paingivers or fill out the Arcuarii to max and take either a 2nd Tyrant or 2nd Catapult. I suspect that I'm not going to win many games, especially those with high attrition. I did have trouble with Shae, although the Venators helped tremendously (and thus the Flayer). Incorporeal models are going to be a pain and Circle might be a hassle without Vorkesh (yes I am looking forward to the Cetrartii UA).

Therefore, while my goal is always to win, realistically its how many models I can bring down and how fast I can get the kill. The AD weapon crew and the reform & extended range of the venators I think is going to help this one out (especially with a Tyrant's +2" to move). A well placed slam or throw from the Bronzeback or Gladiator will go a long way too. Drag is going to be especially important, to draw LOS. Because of these different factors, I am leaning towards either the 2nd unit of Arcuarii or 2nd Catapult.

Of course, if I find people to donate models, I might do Zaal's Tier list of Immortal/AG of doom.

Wednesday, January 20

Well look at that...

Alright, so I've decided to finish the Water-theme first before I start on an entirely new project. And in the backdrop of it all is also painting Cryx...

More to come. Hopefully I'll be fully done for TempleCon