Wednesday, July 29


Well, my GenCon tix came finally and I guess I was tired or not sober...apparently I bought a ticket for Masters. Instead of letting the first day go to waste, at the 500 Pt SR 4.0 tournament my opponent and I brainstormed the following list.

Swamp Gobbers
Dahlia + Skarath
Rorsh + Brine
Brun + Lug
Wrongeye + Snapjaw

I believe I have 6 points left over.

Just one list and I don't expect to make it to the next day. I mean, look at it. However, it'd be a lot of fun to plop onto the table.

More or less, I'm looking more for pick-up games. I have Hardcore and a 750 scheduled and apparently our PG is rattling the St Louis cages for a 5 on 5 (is that a Warmachine Orgy?...::shudders::).

So what I'm bringing:
750 points of Mercs, which will solely be Magnus as the warcaster. However, lists will vary.
500 points of minions. Oh yeah, and Hoarluk too.
1000 points of Skorne, which may or may not include a certain Minion Warcaster.

Friday, July 24

Why Moving Sucks

So I recently moved closer to my job and in with my fiancee. Unfortunately, the move, unpacking, and reorganizing my life has completely left painting at the wayside. I'll have a painted army to play at Hardcore for GenCon, but may need to re-focus how I want to pursue my paint scheme into something less time consuming.

I should also finally post pictures of the painting up on here.

Anyway, my local meta is throwing a 500 point tournament this weekend and I have several options. I'm honestly not taking this tournament too competitively as there's a lot of new players or beginners. I do know that top notch competition is probably the best way to learn (I learned a lot from playing Justin on round one of Masters in 2008), but I also feel that coupled with advice it'll help them more.

Who knows - maybe I'm just feeling burned out from all the stress right now that taking a step back and just having fun with the tournament would be best.

So...what should I take? For 500 points, not a lot of options. 2 lists, must be two different casters.

I could:
1. Mercs - Magnus only, so one list.
2. Cryx - Any casters.
3. Skorne - Any casters.

I actually do have Fiona, but no privateers to make her work 100%, but she might be fun. Any suggestions?

Monday, July 13

Nyssed me?

So the current plan as I mentioned earlier is to borrow some Merc models from my gaming group. Fortunately the prominent merc player from our group is not attending GenCon, so I'm free to romp around with his stuff.

However, it means I HAVE to paint up my eEiryss and procure the Nyss Hunters. I am going to try to assemble and paint eMags and Renegades according to how the studio painted Vinter. Ambitious schedule, but I think I can do it...starting next week.

Other than that, I've been catching up on some water news. Apparently the tropical rains around the ecuator have been moving north for the last three hundred years. I know there's some other effects at play here - wind currents and ocean currents too. But then again, I'm not a scientist. Just a wargamer.

I guess let's put it in perspective. If the jungle rains of Zul suddenly shifted north and the Broken Wastes became a hospitable grassland, how would that affect our beloved Skorne? The Totem Hunter?

It's also interesting how well we have it here in America. Sri Lanka's dengue outbreak is interesting because as an American, right now I don't have to clean up stagnant pools of water. It's also a form of biological warfare.

Now if only Circle convinced poisonous spores to open up and coax bacterium to infect Legion...


Sorry for the silence. I recently moved and am busy unpacking my life.

Unfortunately painting as gone by the wayside, so it looks like I'll be needing to borrow mini's for Hardcore for GenCon. Which is fine, but annoying.

Just that little update.