Monday, January 24

Stoopid Venators

Well, maybe more like stoopid Armory Black Primer. After finishing the black armor, I began working on my Reivers + UA's gold trim when I noticed that the trim, on all the models sprayed with Armory, had clumped and completed disrupted the trim area's. It didn't clump into the black armor areas - no that would have been too simple and I would have caught it. So now I have dunked the models and stripped their paint. Back to square one.

On the plus side, I finished one unit of Arcuarii - I'm going to have to borrow the second unit I think. I have also finished the Paingiver Beast Handlers, Tyrant Commander, and most of my warbeasts. And a few odd models here and there (a Thrullg, Totem Hunter, and Rorsh & Brine). Oh, and an Ancestral Guardian.

I'll have pictures up this weekend. Been too busy with everything else.

Wednesday, January 12

Forces of Minions & Thoughts on Thornfall Alliance

I finally was able to pick up the Forces Book: Minions...up in NJ. Apparently my LGS in Plano has not wanted to get the new releases in since late November, but that is a gripe for another day. I immediately flipped to the tiers to review what was already spoiled for Carver and Arkadius, then reviewed the units and fluff.

The tiers and pact benefits excited mixed emotions from me. I enjoy the AD Farrow units for the pact - this greatly improves the benefit of the Razorback artillery. I think that the loss of AD when taking the tiers is greatly underestimated in my opinion. Sure we can look at Carver's and say, "But I get a lot more Brigands!" but in the end, it is about getting the alpha strike first. The pact being able to clear out the opponent's AD units and models first, then being able to get a jump on the heavier (and slower) part of the army in my eyes is the benefit of the pact.

However, for Carver's tier some items should not be ignored. 4/7 Brigands is huge and the FA: U means I can take cheap min units. It's almost like Mechanithrall cheap good. Carver immediately pushes this into ungodly good with the CRA benefits to the Brigands. Cheap CRA units? That can make both ranged and melee/Dig In actions? Yes please. Only one Brigand unit or Razorback unit gets AD (I would pick the Razorback) so kind of meh and the advance move for the T4 benefit gives me a little bit more of a jump for my SPD 4 beasts.

Something I think is overlooked in the tier is the point reductions for warbeasts controlled by Rorsh. Definitely risky, but I think the right combination could pay dividends. Reserving R&B as a 2nd or 3rd wave to get awesome assassination vectors means that they may not be doing a whole lot immediately. Why not give Rorsh a gun boar or two then? The Gun Boar's animus greatly helps Rorsh (using dynamite on the opponent's turn!) and it's not fury intensive or control-range restrictive as using a War Hog. It also alleviates fury management issues with Carver. I will have to try it out further, but I'm enjoying the idea of this one. It probably would not work in a 35pt list, but at 50 the idea merits further research.

Arkadius plays much differently. The advance deploying warbeasts reversing the loss of the AD units, although I don't like the idea of dropping certain ones. Point reduction in the War Hogs and huge alpha strike potential is immediately clear, but there is a lack of support overall from the rest of the army. This is one where I would have liked the Razorback ADing as well. Rorsh & Brine do not bring anything immediate to Arkadius and for dealing with pesky solos I would like to have Alten, Orrick, or Pendrake. I think Arkadius definitely brings something quite different to the table though. He might be the better caster to take for the pact than tier, if you can swallow the points.

I'll experiment further - hopefully I can borrow some models and see what exactly what is needed to purchase.

Sunday, January 2

Happy New Years!

Happy New Years everyone, even though it is technically the 2nd of Jan now...

I have abandoned the Reivers and UA for now in favor of completing a Bronzeback and nearly finishing both a Cannoneer and Xerxis. I'm not particularly content with how the gold trim is turning out on Xerxis, but I'll figure it out. I have found, for the most part, that most of the painting techniques in the back of the various Forces books have helped, to a certain extent. I'm tinkering with my own paint scheme for the Skorne, but in general the techniques give me an idea of how to approach different color layouts.

I have ordered both Army Primer and P3 Primer, so I am hoping to do a side-by-side pic comparison of the two types of gesso, Armory Spray Primer, Army Primer, and P3 Primer. I am also going to be experimenting with the dipping painting technique, first on some Cygnar that I have then later on the Farrow. Hopefully I can get pictures up of the dipping. I should soon have pictures of my completed Skorne list for hardcore too. It looks like I'm just fine tuning 8 points worth of models now.

Speaking of the Farrow, I do have a strong desire to play the pigs. I love the look of the gators more, but I am drawn to armies/models that are not used as often, since Mk I. Back in Mk I, my favorite go to caster was Epic Deneghra, before the whole Overlord + Withershadow Combine twist was out. I also enjoyed Epic Goreshade as well. I am dropping my Cryx in favor of Mercenaries for Warmachine (I have found Mercs to be a little more wild and fun) and that includes, for now, the Minions. So Farrow are a logical choice.

If only the War Pig was a tad cheaper....

Anyway, on the to do list will be the min Arcuarii, a 2nd unit of min Cetrati (I prefer buying two min units over maxing out one - it's cheaper and I will probably never play with two max units of any kind). Need to finish the Reivers and Catapult and once the Flayer is out, two Flayers. I might have a second Catapult as well, depending how next week goes. It is highly likely that I will sprinkle some more beasts into the mix - I may just finish the remaining three Gladiators I own.