Monday, October 10

Out and About and a Little Taste to Come

With Gencon over, I have been feeling the Warmachine burn out. I wish I could say that I have been forcing myself to attend game days here locally and grind it out, but luckily (and unfortunately) the fall always picks up in terms of travel. So, instead of feeling less excited about Warmachine & Hordes, I ended up flying out to Seattle and Austin and I will find myself in San Diego this week. Coupled with various business meetings here locally, I am now excited again to get into the mix.

It also helps that our community has doubled in size and that given the size and new league formats, I am running two leagues side-by-side. And to prevent future burn out, I have returned back to Skorne, much like what Mike has done as well (that should explain the lack of Mercenary related-posts by him). Unfortunately, my travel to San Diego will prevent me from sharing in the near future, so I leave you with this tidbit.

Sunday, October 9

GenCon Reporting - too many months later

I really have not had the time to post, so I apologize. This post will be about my Gencon Hardcore tournament experience. I actually took Bad Seeds to Hardcore. The list was: