Sunday, October 9

GenCon Reporting - too many months later

I really have not had the time to post, so I apologize. This post will be about my Gencon Hardcore tournament experience. I actually took Bad Seeds to Hardcore. The list was:

Max Sword Knights + UA
Min Sword Knights
Orin Midwinter
Kell Bailoch
Saxon Orrik

Overall, I was impressed with the list and how it performed. However, the noticeable weakness was dealing with army and anti-range lists - lists that gave me headaches. At 50 points, you really need a Nomad or a Mangler (even Rover!). Two lists that come to mind: Garrin's eKruegar and Endgame's Darius lists. There were 4+ warbeasts/warjacks in each list and Sword Knights are simply not going to cut it. The ranged options were generally weaker and Darius' repair ability was a huge nuissance.

I won against Garrin's list by sheer luck - it was intense and I timed my feat wrong. Unfortunately I was threatening Krueger enough with Orin Midwinter that the Killbox zone had been forgotten. I really should not have won that and it would set the stage for my next match up.

Darius just ended up being impossible to crack. I got some damage on him, but not nearly enough for Endgame to feel threatened at all. With all the warjacks in the list and repair ability, my Sword Knights were ineffectual. There is not much else to write home about here.

Changes to the list:
1. I would consider dropping the Mule for a Nomad and return it to Magnus' battlegroup. I would also drop the Defender. While the Defender is an amazing threatening piece, the Nomad is a cheap sturdy warjack for combat with Reach. Either that or a Mangler, but there's other pieces I want to add in with the 3+ points saved.

2. Trenchers. Expensive for their points, but if you keep them back they become an excellent CRA battery that can switch from one massive CRA to split with Grenade Porters, varying their role for anti-infantry to anti-armor. They can still jack-marshal too and the Rangers provide greater accuracy.

3. T4, while amazing for scenario play, for Killbox only is not as strong. I would consider dropping the points for something else.

4. I have not played around with the Trencher Master Gunner at all or the Trencher Commandos. I imagine that if you take the Master Gunner, you want the Mule.

In the end, my list was built along an all comers list which is good for scenario play, but has problems with the assassination. If I were to revise the list for Assassination, I would probably drop the Mule for Master Gunners, Trencher Cannon, and the 2nd unit of Sword Knights for a Nomad.

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